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Welcome to the Catalogue of Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science. Below is a webform for you to fill out entirely. If at any point you do not understand the field, please refer to for more instructions. The information collected will be displayed on a searchable map for the public to use.
Project Information
Location Information

Please enter the address where the project is administered. For example, if your project crowdsources identification of images, then where is the project and its dataset managed? OR if your project conducts water quality monitoring across a tri-state water feature, then where are those data collected and managed?

After you enter an address and click the "Geocode Address" button, a pin will be placed on the map. To move the pin, click the edit button in the map and drag it to the most appropriate location. If you don't have an address, click the pin button on the left side of the map toolbar and place the pin in the most appropriate location.

If the project you are entering is funded only by your agency and all other aspects of the project are conducted on site, then please enter the address location of the project's field/administration site.

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That's everything!